My mom is my SHERO!

When I think of my mother, the first thing that pops into my head is unconditional love.



When I say I am truly blessed with the kindest, giving and loving souls, I’m not kidding.  Anyone who knows my mom says she is nothing but love.   Although, my childhood was not perfect she made it a perfect home for us kids by her overabundance of love for the family.

DOLL LESSON:  I had to choose from owning my first ever Barbie doll over a pair of pants.  I could tell she struggled telling me I had to pick one because we couldn’t afford both.  Of course, my choice was obvious to me.  I needed pants so I got a new pair of pants instead of the Barbie doll.  I shared this story to my boys and they felt sad.  I quickly told them I wasn’t sad with my decision because I understood at an early age what mattered.  The pants are what I NEEDED and the doll was I WANTED.  We discussed this moment, years later and she told me how guilty she felt that day for letting me down.  I was quick to tell her I didn’t feel bad that day.  I learned the lesson of what I needed vs. wanted.


My mom always told me to wake up with a heart full of gratitude.  Even when you are going through difficult times she always let her heart shine through with love.  I watched in awe as she would be so giving of herself, even when she was going through some tough times.

I have so many other lessons I could share but we will be here all day reading…so I shared my top two!


To this day, we speak whenever we can about life, kids, work, friends, etc. and I always leave with my heart full. She truly is a blessing to everyone in her life.

Even though my mom is tiny in stature, she is the strongest woman I know.  I am so incredibly blessed to have a mama like her.  She truly is my SHERO!




‘I am the Masterpiece’

I was honored to emcee Brenda Grands Launch Party of her new collection, “I Am The Masterpiece.”  I wore the beautiful hoop earrings and delicate necklace she gave me and I really resonated with her pieces. We all should embrace “I AM THE MASTERPIECE” because we are just that — a masterpiece!


The opportunity for me to emcee her event gave me the chance to get to know more about her personally and her brand.  Faith is where her inspiration comes from for her collections.  For those who don’t know her story, she left her oil & gas job in Colombia in 2015 to embark on her new passion.  Brenda took a leap of faith and she has never looked back.  She came to Houston and went full throttle with her dream of creating her jewelry design and it was well received.  She teamed up with her sister, Angie, and they made the perfect duo.


Brenda (left), Blogger (middle), Angie (right)

Multiple bloggers were invited to the event to help promote her Fall/Winter collection at the Hotel Alessandra in downtown Houston.  This year the brand has been able to expand into the wholesale area by attending the largest trade shows in the U.S.  They have achieved getting into 35 stores around the U.S. with their collections. Not too shabby for these sisters!


Every package and bag has a motivational message for the woman who wears it.  The brand is all about making the woman feel special.  I loved that idea because it’s like a daily affirmation.

We should all tell ourselves the following:

I am beautiful!

I am worthy!

I love myself!

I am enough!

Great things come from our daily affirmations!

This is the 7th collection released to the public and the message is –> I AM BOLD, BRILLIANT, AND BEAUTIFUL –> ‘I AM THE MASTERPIECE!’

Brenda Grands products can be found at her retail space at Make Her Boutique at the GreenStreet  space in downtown Houston and online at



Transforming into the best YOU!

I began my journey to a better me some years back but truly decided to give it my best the last 3 1/2 years. I started running half-marathons 6 years ago but I wasn’t getting toned in my abs and upper body.


[Photos: July 2018 (left) — December 2010 (right)]


I knew I had to step it up but I was having issues motivating myself.


I hired a trainer for about a year and I never looked back.  My message is clear, if you need help — ask for it and/or pay for it! It will help you get the results or motivation you need to get on track for a healthier you. I finally was at a point where I could just change into my workout clothes and get moving in my house.

I canceled my gym membership because I never MADE the time to go and workout. So, working out at home works out best for me. I understand not everyone can do that so we all have to find what works best for us.

My journey hasn’t been without its struggles. (I am human!) I have days where I don’t want to get up early to knock it out but I overcome it with the mindset of how bad I want to maintain my health.

My goal was never to be skinny but to be STRONGER! I still have to work on the abs the hardest. After having two boys my skin was stretched out and didn’t bounce right back like many. But the bottom line is, I have strong abs and I accept my body because it is in the best shape it has ever been.

I still enjoy a festive beverage, chips with guacamole once in a while. It’s all about balance!! So get in a run, workout at home or go to the gym. Just get moving and aim for a healthier YOU!




Embrace the #!

I just celebrated my 49th birthday in June and I am embracing my age.  I am so lucky to have celebrated yet another year in my LIFE!


So, what have I learned in my 49 years? WELL……

Wear that dress!

I was not comfortable at first wearing this amazing Chloe Dao Dress for a fashion show I was co-emceeing. After having it on for a while, I decided I needed to own it!

Get out of your comfort zone! 

Yes, I personally have done just that in the last couple of years and have gotten opportunities I never thought I would get otherwise.  So, the message here is believe in yourself.

Stay true to you!

Even though I am doing different things, I remain true to who I am in all situations.

Be OK with not everyone loving you! 

Not everyone is going to be excited for you on your new adventures and be OK with that.  It’s your journey!

It’s OK to say NO!  

I want to help everyone but at one point I was spreading myself too thin and I realized I had to start declining certain things because I needed to still take care of myself.

2016-03_Blanca Headshots_128.JPG

Try new things!

If someone told me, you would be doing inversions, handstands in your 40s, I would have told them they were crazy! Well, I have since changed my mindset and now I practice new poses all of the time.

It’s your LIFE!  Do for you and your family and those friends who become part of your tribe.  Also, make sure to cherish those who want the best for you and never take them for granted.

Always remain humble and kind!

Inspiration from where?

I just recently shared with my older son where I get my daily inspiration from and he was touched by my story.

I miss my sweet little brother, Xavier!

For those who don’t know me personally, I have four siblings but one was taken away too soon.  My little brother, Xavier Beltran, was only 23 when he died in a work accident in 1995.

My brother, Javi, as we called him was my go-to person, my lean in person whenever I was going through difficult times with my job, school, boyfriends, etc. He always had a way of looking at the bright side of any situation and I held on to that tightly!!  My life isn’t perfect by any means, but I decided years ago to honor him by doing my BEST to do the same.

I miss my baby brother dearly, but I think of his laughter and how he had a way with people and that brings a smile to my face.  His memory will forever live on as long we continue to honor his life by sharing our stories.

My brother would support this statement –> Be HAPPY because you can see the beauty in everything!

Why do I run?

I remember being at work on April 15, 2013, gathering news like I normally did, when an alert was issued of a possible bombing at the Boston Marathon. There were in fact two homemade bombs that killed three people.  Several hundred others were injured, including 16 others who lost limbs. Needless to say, it was a tough day at work and the weeks to follow.  I remember crying as I heard several inspirational stories from some individuals who lost limbs, saying they would run again.


(Photo credit: John Thumacki/The Boston Globe/AP)

That is the moment I decided I WILL RUN for those who can’t! I signed up for my first Aramco Half Marathon and completed my run in January 2014!

Fast forward to January 2018, I completed my 5th Aramco Half Marathon and my older son, Joshua, ran his third one.  He saw his mom tackle it and wanted to join in!


We all have our reasons on why we embark on OUR journeys. My story is simple but important because the hope those strangers shared to the world, inspired me to get moving.  So when I begin to feel tired during my long runs, I think of those who lost their lives and those who chose to fight back with vengeance to regain their life back and that keeps me going!

I will continue to run to stay healthy, to remember the victims and to inspire those around me that believe they can’t!


I bought this T-shirt from my amazing friend, Heidi Jones, who worked with an organization to raise funds for the victims of the bombing.